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I am a freelance consultant with extensive experience across industries in management consulting, strategy, marketing, media and technology. I refer to our, us or we because I collaborate with skilled experts in their field, that I trust. I am confident that I can help you improve your business process, market reach or communication. I often find myself acting as a translator, educator, or coordinator between business needs (executive to operational), technology ideologies and media hype factories.

The reality is that business media and tech have converged today to a point that they are inseparable and often indistinguishable. Due to the nature of our education, people typically choose one of these disciplines as their major track in life – pursuing this through education and their domain. 

Business success depends on strategy being unpacked and executed through multiple channels, tools, resources, delivery mechanisms etc. working together to achieve the desired results.Marketing alone, cannot drive the success of a business. Nether can technology. Both are indispensable today, and they should be an extension of well planned integrated strategy.

This is what I do. No matter how small or big your organisation is, I can assist you formulate the strategy or execute the strategy through media and technology. I offer a variety of services and most of all I love seeing people succeed. I uphold a strict ethical business integrity and open honest communication. I like to save hype (even my own) for the measured results. 

On some larger projects, I will use external experts while I manage the process, to keep the project goals in focus. I am an entrepreneur at heart with extensive experience in startups, SME and international businesses. I am a strategic thinker and problem solver, with a passion for media, marketing and technology and the innovative (disruptive) factor that they bring to traditional business models. 

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Gavin Lloyd